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Blogging is Nothing New

The initial blogs were created before the American Revolution. Although you’d think from all of the attention this shape of communications is getting that the website is a latest phenomenon. To the contrary, the advent of the Internet as well as its recognition is what fostered the blog-o-sphere, but the idea flourished hundreds of years ago.

Back in pre-revolutionary instances, there were limited magazines and almost all of them merely reprinted articles within the London forms countless months later. The prevalent method to understand what others thought was through individual conversations, speeches, sermons, letters and pamphlets. It was these pamphlets that have been the precursor to today’s website — independently yielded, highly-opinionated, single-minded in cause, brief on content, and guided at a wide unknown audience.

There were thousands of pamphlet publishers when less then 3 dozen magazines existed. By the finish of the seventeen hundreds, there were almost 1 100 forms which grew to 4 100 by 1810 and twelve 100 by 1835. Early publishers were politically oriented, openly supported individuals and served as a forum for party philosophies; but as forms covered more information subjects, this became less of the driving force. The value of pamphlets diminished as the forms got stronger and their numbers improved.

It took another 100 years for muckraking and sensationalism to become the push behind the information. As the progressive movement appeared at the beginning of the last century, within the appropriate with Roosevelt as well as the left with Wilson, newspaper syndicates were created to help or attack the changing philosophies. During and after WWII, the forms assumed the mantle of guardians of the truth. Political reporting aided cement this status while forms fought tv information for credibility. Then, with papers losing visitors, circulation and profits, we are returning to the pamphlet kind of publishing for info – just this time it’s through the magic of the Internet.

While newspaper or TV reports are not usually exact, the big companies usually help their reporting with analysis. This wasn’t the case with pamphlets then and is frequently not the case with blogs now. In a free society, opinions could usually be welcomed, whether or not we don’t agree with them; but we have to carefully consider who spawns these statements and what agendas are being advanced by them. We have to learn if the website is fair in its reporting or committed to a single point-of-view. It makes sense to go and visit additional blogs providing opposing opinions to intelligently weigh the info and create your decisions.

There are too many significant issues facing us as Americans not to research what caused the issue as well as the impact different solutions can wear us and future decades. As pre-boomers, isn’t that our responsibility?

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