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BING – Can Microsoft Topple Google?

Google 貼牌冰箱(Google Refrigerator)

Google 貼牌冰箱(Google Refrigerator) (Photo credit: Aray Chen)

Bing Microsoft! Let’s receive prepared to Ruuummble!

Microsoft has put found on the gloves and is calling out the heavyweight champ…Google.

Contender: Bing, Microsoft’s brand-new “Decision Engine” is a state of the art tool prepared to satisfy any “surfers” need. Their design is extremely clean and friendly to the eye. By creating Bing, Microsoft is hoping to move beyond the user’s experience and aid consumers create greater decisions, concentrating initially on 4 key vertical areas: creating a buy choice, planning a trip, researching a wellness condition or acquiring a regional company. Microsoft has completed their homework; therefore, targeting the 30-42% of unsatisfied consumers.

Champion: Google’s search engine in by far the king of all search engines. When we talk about keywords, Pay Per Clicks (PPC) advertisements, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and search position, it’s all about Google. Additionally, to the everyday Joe (and Jane), Google is a home name. Google has branded themselves perfectly…they are synonymous with all the word “search”.

Scorecard: After spending many hours comparing both engines, this really is my findings: Overall: 10-9 Bing
• Bing has a “clean” search and feel to their presented pages. They additionally provide more sources to the left and bottom of every page. Really thoughtful and insightful.
• The travel section is uniquely impressive. Input your departure place and final destination and Bing can support with all the right costs. Bing usually furthermore advise you if that cost may fluctuate.
• As far as videos, all I could state is WOW! All you must do is put your mouse over the thumbnail and it begins playing! Unbelievable feature!
• OK, what about nevertheless images.

google me felicito tambien!!!!!

google me felicito tambien!!!!! (Photo credit: jacilluch)

Well, when “mousing” over the picture, the image expands and offers you a choice to “see synonymous images”. Pretty cool.

In my opinion, Bing provides the greatest advance in search technology; consequently, is a better choice than Google. Now, can it topple the champ? Not necessarily…at least not in the immediate future. But, Microsoft has absolutely impressed me with their total end product. I’ll provide Bing a fair chance and begin using their services.

This comparison report is between BING, Microsoft’s fresh “Decision” search engine and Google’s search engine. Microsoft has completed their homework and is a formidable challenge to the champions belt.