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Ways To Enhance Google Search Engine Ranking

The popularity of online marketing has grown in leaps and bounds. One of the most effective measures responsible for producing optimum results, online marketing has been integrated in the business agendas of small and medium businesses alike. Small business online marketing incorporates an array of techniques and strategies which aim at enhancing the brand visibility of the business in the online periphery. The most integral part of small business online marketing that has immensely benefited the small scale enterprises is the Search engine Optimization service.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a highly specialized process which involves specific set of techniques through which a website is made search engine friendly. With the aid of search engine optimization, a website not only makes your site highly visible but also help it rank higher in organic search result. Google search engine ranking is dependant on a variety of methods and few of them are discussed below.

Right Keyword Phrases Right keyword phrases is very necessary in optimizing a website. Google employs several tracking and crawling technologies for studying and analyzing key phrases and keywords and while listing results, Google robot processes the index of all the words that are there in the page along with the informations that are available in title tags, ALT tags. Thus, it is recommended that you stick to relevant keywords and key phrases on the web page. Google have the tendency to fetch the pages that have unique content, rightly stuffed with proper keywords. New informations and keywords are studied by Google and are tracked and in this way, a webpage is ranked against other sites. Thus, for better Google search engine ranking, analyzing the key phrases is necessary and inserting those strategically in to the content is also a challenge.

Keyword Density The other thing that Google searchs in a webpage is keyword or key phrase density. It is recommended that you should always list only the keywords and insert those into the content that are relevant to your website. You must not spam the web page with excessive keywords. Google generally fetches the Meta description or the first paragraph of your website. So make sure that you have strong opening paragraph, with right keyword density. Unique content with proper keyword density is sure to give your website a boost in Google search engine ranking.

Naming the page The title of the page is what is seen at the top of the browser window when you open a page. Titles are also what you see by default when you bookmark a particular webpage. Title tag is an important part in gaining higher ranks in organic search. You should make sure that the key phrases or the keyword is included in the title tag. Google give search results as link using a webpage’s title. Titles of the pages are made with the tags. Adding extra titles in a page is a strict no-no as it could upset your Google search engine ranking. There should only be a single title per page.
Hyper Links After searching through the list of pages in its index, Google produces the relevant results against a search entered. This relevance is dependant on various factors and PageRank is one of them. PageRank means measuring the importance of a webpage based on the incoming links from other websites. Each hyper link to a page on your website from other sites will add to your websites PageRank. Thus, it is important to exchange links with relevant websites.
These are some of the key tips that you primarily need to follow to enhance your Google search engine ranking. Google algorithms cannot be exactly determined; hence there are no ways which can guarantee you number one rank, but these can surely help you in boosting your webpage rank.
If you own a small business online marketing can give your business endeavors tremendous facelift. There are many a social media agencies which render SEO services to different business houses. However, prior choosing one, you need to carry out thorough scrutiny to find out the legitimacy and proficiency of their services.

Jacques Neel is a SEO expert who offers various insights on ways to enhance Google search engine ranking. He also provides useful informations on small business online marketing and how it can benefit small scale business houses.

How To Get On Google Search Engine

Here are Six Tips To Rank In Google search Engines

1) Good Tittle

Write an attractive tittle that will get readers attention as well as the crawl engines. Since S.E spider crawl to check what your website is all about, to index it in the internet. It is better to have a good title with good keyword. Also use good keyword related to your title in every first paragraph in your blog or website.

2) Useful and unique topic

Check for topics that are searched for and write contents on them in your own unique ways. So many blogs repeat the same topic in same guidelines. Just try stand out, you could use videos to illustrate your blog at the middle or end of your content.

3) Keywords

Let your blog and website content be rich with keyword relevance. It is primarily measured by the use of keywords in the title tag, meta tags, alternative text, hyper link, or document text of a site. Don’t over use it as Google will find this abusive and spam your site.

4) Use of Meta Tags

Meta tags where used in the beginning to help Search engines rank blogs high, but it is no longer trusted. This is because as the internet kept growing, so many blog owners abused the use of this system. Though it is still advisable to use Meta Tags to make it easier for Google search engines crawl the title. Use meta tags on your title as they are still used for title and description only keyword tag has lost value.

(Watch tutorial Video below summary in my blog)

5) Submitting URL

The giant of search engines are Google, Yahoo and Bing. You can submit your url to these sites to get listed and indexed. Go to directory to list your blog or site in the category it belongs . Google pioneered the page rank algorithm as a means of ranking websites. Submit url to Google. Submit to Yahoo and Yahoo directory. For the directory, you get listed. Few people use this but it can be helpful. You can find all links in my blog.

6) Linking

You can link to websites and blogs that have similar content like yours to help your readers or customers. It doesn’t mean they must link back but this can give SEO more ideas about your blog. With time other sites will start linking back to you when they find your blog useful and interesting also.


You will also find a lot of ideas and offers when you go to and search for “Search Engines”. I will suggest you don’t get mad over this as you might find some who do sneaky tweaky of html with softwares or html manipulation. These solutions may work but just for few weeks or days or don’t work because when Google find this out, (they always do) they spam your site.

Focus on your visibility now as a beginner or if already used to the internet keep up with your effort to become popular and not how to get on Google search, because search engines will get to you through your content and tags . Keep posting useful content. Yoy can get all links concerning this topic in my blog. Let me Know Your Opinions.

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