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Network Marketing By Bloggin

Blogs have become the new way to get your opinions across on the internet. They have become a new way ofinternet network marketing. People put their opinions out there about products and boom! Everyone wants the product. However, you have to network to get everyone to read your blog. You can do so by promoting certain items and put your blog on their website or you can create your own blog and do internet network marketing to get everyone to read all the fabulous things you write and promote.


Some blogs have worked so well they have become books and then movies. For example the blog that the author wrote became a book, “Julie and Julia”, and later became a movie that starred Meryl Streep. She was just writing about her year of working her way through a cookbook and she became an author, and a movie was made about her blog.


Many people blog and have advertisements on their blog site to sponsor them. They can make money with every click on the keyboard. They are making money just voicing their opinions, complaints and praise for a product or person. The key to internet network marketing success with this type of blogging is you have to recruit the advertisers. This normally requires regular readers and promotion of your advertiser in some way. For example, if you are sponsoring candy bars then you had better say that you love candy bars in your blog. You could even say that you eat one every night before bed. This is a successful way to use internet network marketing for your blog.


Celebrities get paid big bucks to write blogs. Their advertisers pay big bucks to hear them voice their opinion. However, these funds can deplete if they offend the advertisers. Many celebrities have lost their blog sponsors for offending the target audience. Celebrities use internet network marketing to make money and promote their causes.


Another way to do internet network marketing through blogs is to offer advice and feedback. You come up with a topic and have a discussion on that topic through blogging with others. This is a way to make money and get paid to give advice and share opinions with others.


Blogs have became a driving force in internet network marketing. Many people read the blogs of others before buying a product. They can make a product or break it with a few words. The thing we all need to remember when reading a blog is that it is really just an opinion and most of the time it is not supported with facts. That is the great thing about blogs and the Achilles heel of them as well. We all know that everyone has an opinion, and do we really want to rely on someone’s opinion before buying an item? The real question is whether we should base our opinions on the blog of others. To blog or not to blog? To believe or not to believe? Either way, it is a great tool in internet network marketing.






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